At Northern Humboldt Union High Schools...

Students future employment skills are best learned by direct, meaningful contact with successful adults and mentors. The Northern Humboldt Union High School District’s Career Frontiers program offers students the opportunity to connect with potential mentors in our community, through which students can learn skills and insight that will help them to compete in a 21st century global economy.

The Career Frontiers curriculum includes in-class presentations, career panel interviews, use of online resources, and experiential learning opportunities such as job shadowing, field trips, community service volunteer projects, and job readiness workshops. The program goals for Career Frontiers include:


  • To help students have a hopeful and positive view about their future opportunities.
  • To help students learn life and employment insight and skills through contact with adult mentors in our community.
  • To provide students with resources and information to help them plan for their futures after high school, so that they can better compete in the marketplace.
  • To network with and develop partnerships with our local community.